Visualizing Search with HotSpots on HotPads

Say hello to "HotSpots"

HotSpots combines a broad housing market overview with individual property insight, taking visual search to a whole new level.

The colored price points dynamically recalibrate based on zoom level and location, making it simple to see relationships between location and price! Each colored dot is an actual listing you can click and view pictures, property details, and send an inquiry.

The dark red points represent the most expensive properties and the light blue points represent the least expensive ones on a cost per bedroom basis. Marking a property as a "favorite" changes the point to a star, making it easy to come back to your favorite properties. Points which have already been previewed shrink in size, helping you discover new properties even faster.

The ability to see hundreds of properties on one screen, categorized by price and location, significantly reduces the time it takes to spot and send an inquiry to a hot property...give it a try!