‪Google Launches Mobile Sites‬‏

Google just announced a free, templated mobile landing page creation tool called Google Sites.
This has been overshadowed by the Google+ frenzy, but I look forward to checking it out!

Going mobile made easy

Get started in minutes, not days

Yes, your mobile site really can be up and running in just a few minutes. No coding skills required!

No cost, no worries

Google Sites isn’t just easy to use – it’s also free.

Measure and optimize your results

With Sites, you can study in depth how your visitors use your mobile website using Google Analytics.


VaultWare Places (Beta) Free Property Website Creation Platform

A free VaultWare Places website gives you:

  • A variety of flexible design options
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  • Photo galleries
  • The option to use your existing domain name
  • No fees, no bills, no invoices...no kidding!

The information your renters want, the convenience you need. Create your no-cost property website today!

Create your free property website in three simple steps with our easy-to-use website builder!

Step 1:

Design site

Step 2:

Manage content

Step 3:

Complete setup!