to Power Blockshopper

Movelogo Move, Inc. and Blockshopper Team Up on Ads

Today, we’re announcing an exclusive agreement with hyper-local real estate website to power its real estate ads and expand the online reach of agents and brokers.

This partnership between Move, Inc. and Blockshopper will make it easier than ever for home buyers and sellers to find Realtor experts in specific neighborhoods, search for houses online on a block-by-block basis, and get accurate, up-to-date information on houses in any Blockshopper neighborhood or subdivision.

Move will start offering two BlockShopper products later this year:

  • Local Notes—allows Realtors to make notes on properties, which can be shared through social media.
  • Agent News Releases—a tool for Realtors to write about their listings, sales and more to appeal to home buyers and sellers. Blockshopper currently covers 20 local markets, with more to be added soon. The site is part of a growing movement on the web to focus on local coverage.

We’re happy to be joining with them as they grow, and we look forward to the launch of Local Notes and Agents News Releases. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements, and Happy Househunting!

Move, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter 2010 Financial Results

"2010 was a year of tremendous activity at Move, as we took significant steps toward realigning our business to continue and grow our long standing market leadership," said

Steve Berkowitz
, chief executive officer at Move, Inc. "Move's mission is to connect real estate professionals and consumers to facilitate more real estate transactions.  The increased use of the internet and mobile devices in the real estate industry has changed the ways consumers and real estate professionals interact.  Move is committed to delivering products and services that meet the market's needs.  As we head into 2011, we are focused on serving the complete home-buying cycle with an expanding list of distribution partners and real estate solutions."

4th Quarter 2010 Highlights:

  • Market leadership: Move maintained its leading market position, leading the industry in unique users and total engagement.  In 2010, on a monthly basis, the Move Network attracted an average of 11 million unique users(1) who spent on average more than 224 million minutes monthly on our network(1).  Visitors to the Move Network viewed nearly 4.4 billion total pages in 2010, more than the next six competitors combined.  
  •  Launched in December, was developed to give first time buyers or refinancing owners the tools they need to find and prequalify for the right loan in as little as 10 minutes. In its first month in operation,'s state-of-the-art decision engine helped more than 30,000 prospective homebuyers know in just a few minutes how much they can afford to borrow and what their monthly payments would be based on real rates and loan choices for which they qualify.
  • AOL: Move announced an agreement whereby Move will power the AOL Real Estate search experience.  The agreement delivers a powerful ad network for agents and advertisers to expand their reach and visibility to's millions of monthly visitors. The AOL Real Estate experience powered by Move will deliver a user experience customized for AOL with instant access to accurate property listings, neighborhood and school content, and connections to real estate experts. Leveraging Move's ListHub network, Move will syndicate millions of listings to AOL Real Estate and power the home buyer's search experience.
  • Mobile Highlights: Move launched the Real Estate Search Android and Windows Phone 7 application in November, building on the success of Move's iPhone app launched in January.  In 2010, the mobile apps have been downloaded over 3 million times with hundreds of thousands of consumers connecting directly with real estate professionals.

Move, Inc. MSN Network is the largest real estate network according to everyone but Zillow

Move, Inc. MSN Network is the largest real estate network according to everyone but Zillow

This Sunday from New Orleans, we broke the story regarding questionable Zillow claims (via collateral produced by Zillow as ComScore data) being passed around the halls of the 2010 National Association of Realtors trade show floor. The claim in question was Zillow and Yahoo! real estate network being the “Largest Real Estate Network in the World” above and beyond Move Inc./MSN real estate network by nearly 6.4 million unique visitors. We’ve never disputed Zillow/Yahoo! traffic claims, only their representation of competitor traffic, and that of being the largest real estate network.

(This is a followup story to “Zillow dupes Realtors, investors and consumers with flawed claims.”)

Immediately, we noted the Zillow claim that the Move Inc. traffic stats included the 6.4 million uniques when according to other sources, it had not. Zillow’s CRO, Greg Schwartz responded that his contact at ComScore had verified the Zillow numbers to be accurate and requested a retraction- we decided to take it a step further and actually just settle the matter once and for all… who is the largest real estate network?

We went directly to ComScore (the source of both networks’ claims), and simply asked for an independent analysis (specifically avoiding any possibility of tricky math) of what is called deduplicated or “unduplicated” traffic (a fancy word for unique visitors) and the following graph is fact, according to Sr. Director, Industry Analysis Andrew Lipsman (well, we made the graph, he gave us the numbers). We also took it beyond that to show not only July, but also September numbers to settle the old versus new data controversy as well, and here is what we found…

What’s most interesting is that Move Inc. is not only larger, but from July to September (60 days) Move Inc. with MSN Real Estate actually grew 1.8 million uniques or 10.7% while Zillow and Yahoo! only inched up around 200k, or 1.3%.

The bottom line is that we want an apples to apples comparison and we’ve delivered one, however, Zillow’s Schwartz is still “reluctant to concede” any problems with their numbers. When we spoke to Schwartz by phone, he insisted that he had verified with ComScore Sr. Sales Manager, Jill Leedom that their numbers were on par and their flyer compared apples to apples, and went as far as emailing AgentGenius the very carefully worded statement from Leedom as follows…

Attached are two reports for September 2010:
1. Audience Duplication Report for Yahoo! Real Estate + Zillow: 14.458 Million UVs
2. Key Measures report for [P] Move Network: 13.398 Million UVs
Per these Media Metrix Reports, the data for Zillow is rock solid and correct. Zillow’s intent was to point out the one included URL”” and not the entire MSN Real Estate Category.
ComScore Sr. Sales Manager, Jill Leedom

You’ll note this email does not address the July numbers that are in dispute, and you will also notice the difference in reports filed. One report is a Duplication report, and the other is a Key measures report where Ledomm clearly states, “Zillow’s intent was to point out the one included URL”” and not the entire MSN Real Estate Category.” (emphasis ours)

Clearly, Zillow is selling its partnership with Yahoo! real estate, and enthusiastically created collateral to sell their new value proposition, but failed to compare apples to apples. We personally don’t believe they had malicious intent, it is our suspicion that apples (Audience Duplication Report showing Zillow/Yahoo! in a flattering light) were compared to oranges (Key Measures reports showing everyone but Zillow/Yahoo! in a less flattering light) which Schwartz will not confirm as a possibility. However, Move, Inc. and it’s MSN partners did compare apples to apples and they can, because they simply are the largest real estate network.

Does this mean it will last forever? This remains to be seen. The fact is that Move, Inc. and its competitors need one another to continue to push the envelope forward in technology. Zillow combined with Trulia and other players in the space have pushed traditional to become untraditional, rethink longterm strategies, build new alliances, and look beyond today in service offerings to Realtors and consumers. After all, 14.3 million uniques is not a number easily dismissed.