MTA Transit Calculator: Travel Time Heatmap for any Subway in NYC by WNYC

WNYC just created a fantastic transit calculator map for travel time from borough to neighborhood to zipcode in New York City. Just type in a desired address, and you can see average travel times to anywhere in the five boroughs. This is my average travel-time living on East Broadway on the Lower East Side.  The red colors indicate a less than ten minute commute, ranging from purple showing over and hour and a half travel time. 


This is a great tool if you're looking for a new apartment in a new neighborhood, but aren't sure about how long you'll spend in transit during your work commute.  

So HuffPo thinks my alma mater Earlham College is the most "Hipster" school in America...

According to one astute review on College Prowler, there are "a crap load of dirty hipsters" at Earlham College in Indiana. "If you don't like PBR [Pabst Blue Ribbon], find somewhere else," the reviewer wrote. O-kay. On a more positive note, the Hipster Handbook reports that "Hipsters tend to receive a strong education at Earlham because there is nothing else to do but study in Richmond, Indiana."  I'm not sure if I'm ashamed, amused or proud.  Perhaps a little bit of each?